Franco Berrino

Medical doctor, epidemiologist, former head of the Preventive  and Predictive Medicine Department of the National Cancer Institute of Milan. Throughout his 40-year research and prevention-focused career he has promoted the development of cancer registries in Italy and he has coordinated European cancer registries aimed at studying the survival rates of cancer patients (EUROCARE Project). Tens of thousands of people have been engaged in the studies on the causes of chronic diseases (ORDET and EPIC Projects). The findings have enabled him to promote experiments to change lifestyles so as to prevent degenerative diseases (DIANA and MeMeMe projects). Contact us to get an appointment with MD. Berrino

Enrica Bertolazzi

She graduated from DAMS in Bologna, she is a journalist and an amateur photographer. For years she has been taking care of events, conferences and publishing projects, some of which have been dedicated to fund raising for Tibetan children currently living in India. She has published Il Coraggio di Ippocrate, on health and medicine, Cuore Divino and I Portatori di Luce, books that have the passion, the emotional balance and the spirituality of the interviewees as their background. She has organized many conferences on health and well-being.
There is an increasing number of scientific evidence according to which following a healthy diet and exercising, associated with breathing and meditation techniques, are pivotal in order to prevent the build-up of molecular and cellular damage that, over time, leads to the onset of several degenerative chronic diseases and psychophysical decline.